SL-250 Mobile Stage

The SL250 Classic is the first in the line of 32′ x 24′ mobile stages built by Stagline. It has a total rigging capacity of 8,000 lb, of sound, lights and banners using the double-mast system. Benefit from a total roof rigging capacity of 17,500 lb (7,938 kg).

The 250 is the next step up from the SL100, providing a platform that can accommodate most any entertainer. Beyond the 32’x24’ performance deck, the 250 can expand with additional decking to house both monitor and guitar worlds, work decks, storage areas; most anything you want to create.

This is a versatile stage, on land, on the side of a mountain or on the water, we’ve done it all with the 250. There’s great flexibility in where this stage can go and what it can do. Give us a call and we’ll tell you the stories of where we’ve been with it.