Do It Yourself Stages

You can save money on your small stage events by renting the stage gear from Center Staging and building the stage yourself. You can pickup the gear from our warehouse in Bywater and then return it after your event. This is not rocket-science, you can do this - we'll show you how!

Many charities, fundraisers and schools take advantage of this cost saving option to lower their event production costs. They often have a stage building party with their volunteer stage builders.

It takes 2 people to move the decks which are 8' x 4' aluminum decks and weigh about 130 lbs each. All you'll need is a pickup truck, a level and an 5/16" allen wrench.

Cost is $60 per deck (see chart below) plus the cost of legs & skirting.

Deck Size
4' x 8'
8' x 8' Stage
2 Decks
12' x 8' Stage
3 Decks
16' x 8' Stage
4 Decks
16' x 12' Stage
6 Decks
16' x 16' Stage
8 Decks
24' x 16' Stage
12 Decks